rreo feedback?

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rreo feedback?

Postby nleitao » Fri 05 Jun 2020, 20:43

Guys, I'm about to close a deal with Rreo, is there feedback from someone that had made business with him?

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Re: rreo feedback?

Postby marin982 » Sat 06 Jun 2020, 09:02

Hi nleitao,

If you click on user’s profile, you can see that Rreo has 77 positive recommendations. I’m not sure this forum is a place to ask questions like this :)

I can also confirm that Rreo is fully reliable swapper, after few succesfull swaps with him.

All the best!

Onkel Sam
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Re: rreo feedback?

Postby Onkel Sam » Sun 07 Jun 2020, 10:17

I love it.

Dear Nuno, what a nice asking about a swapper who has much more recommendations in compare to you.
I am seeing that you havn't any recommendation until these days. Please allow me following question. Who in this forum can give us a feedback about you if member Rreo should ask us?

Best regards,
Thank you very much to all my exchange partners. :respekt:

Please do not forget to give a good recommendation after every successful exchange. Thank you very much!