Luxembourg 2019-2021 2€ CC variants

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Luxembourg 2019-2021 2€ CC variants

Postby zvenket » Sun 28 Nov 2021, 00:28

I am quite confused due to the amount of different variants of Luxembourg 2€ CC coins in last years.

That's why I made an MsExcel spreadsheet for 2019-2021 2€ CC coins available at this link:
PDF version is here:

Hope this will be useful also for you.
Would you be so kind to check what I wrote and notify me of any errors?

Where I wasn't sure about mintmarks of particular issue, I marked it in red color.

If you think that collectors here might be interested also in mintage quantities, please write numbers here and I will update XLS spreadsheet.
For me this data is not important.

By the way...
Feel free to download, copy or whatever you want to do with shared data, hehe...
If anyone knows how to embed spreadsheet here, advice is welcome...:-)