San Marino 2012 coincard

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Re: San Marino 2012 coincard

Postby mk0111 » Sun 03 Feb 2013, 00:33

BadVariemai wrote:I decided to open all my 2E CC San Marino and put out the coins.
It was actually quite easy.
Here is the results.
2012/2011/2010/2009 the coin removed easily and you can notice it at all.
2008 I had to cut it from the side, the plastic was melted so it was impossible to open without destroying it a bit.
2007/2006 the coin was removed easily but it has some marks on the blue side of the folder (so open it with more caution).
2005 the coin is in much bigger folder... when I reached the coin I realized that it was written in on side "sigillo aperto" which mean seal opened.
2004 I haven't opened it yet but I'm assuming it's the same as 2005.
I'm thinking to make another post with the results and possible some photos if someone is interested in.
Thank you again Giedrius for the advice.

Thanx... I will open them as well (except 2004 and 2005(