Wanted Germany 2 €cc. coins

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Wanted Germany 2 €cc. coins

Postby Anto2008U.E. » Sun 23 Apr 2023, 10:36

Hi members,
I'm searching a friend from Germany to have few of sets of german unc. 2 €cc. coins:
2022 Wartburg a-d-f-g-j;
2023 Amburgo a-d-f-g-j;
2023 Carlomagno a-d-f-g-j;

I can offer Italy 2 €cc. unc. coins several pieces and several years and something from abroad and Vatican.

If you are interested please send me to p.m. or at my email address: sanna.anto@tiscali.it

311 positive recomendations !!!