Banknotes euro all country

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Banknotes euro all country

Postby ROSACAPS » Thu 01 Feb 2024, 12:51

Hello all,

I’m starting a new collection, this time, of euro notes. :D

I would like to have the help of the colleagues of the forum, to get tickets from all the countries of Europe, always Without Circular banknotes (not folded).

The best way is to order them in the central banks of each country, which give them in perfect conditions.

I can offer other euro banknotes from Spain, of any value (in excellent quality) or coins from my exchange list. The bills would be 1:1 ratio.

I look forward to the help of colleagues to make a good collection of these banknotes.

Regards from Spain ;)

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Re: Banknotes euro all country

Postby magneto » Thu 01 Feb 2024, 13:56

hi we have a section for euro banknotes, but very few collectors are active there. probably only me.
also the situation to obtain unc euro banknotes from banks is not as you describe it, in european countries. only in central towns and only in specific countries , and here only after specific procedure you can get UNC europa series notes. another difficult factor to find notes is not every country print notes for his own purpose. this was done with 1st series banknotes, with 2nd series notes (europa) are not printed country based.