Wanted Slovakia 2 euro CC Proof

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Wanted Slovakia 2 euro CC Proof

Postby JARUUD » Fri 10 Mar 2023, 19:09

Hi Swappers,

Searching for a friend the following coins:

2016 The first Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union PROOF
2017 550th anniversary of the opening of Universitas Istropolitana PROOF
2018 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic PROOF
2019 100th anniversary of the death of Milan Rastislav Štefánik PROOF
2020 20th anniversary of the accession of the Slovak Republic to the OECD PROOF
2021 The 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Dubček PROOF

He can buy or swap.

Can you help him?, send me a PM

Best regards,