VARIETIES of Euro coins passionner

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VARIETIES of Euro coins passionner

Postby cyprusalexander » Tue 24 Mar 2015, 09:40

Hello from Cyprus!

My name is Alexander. I'm interested in numismatics since childhood. This interest brought me to discoveries of new types and varieties of coins in different countries. In many cases they were put in scientific circulation.

I suggested to consider coin circulation as process of diffusion and this model was approved on statistical material.

The geopolitical position of Cyprus is extremely interesting for investigating the circulation of modern European currency.

At this site my interests are to share the love and knowledge of varieties of the euro coin. Now in the European circulation there are billions of coins. Just to glance at them is not enough for one human life. That is why I'm glad to learn about other achievements for I have only two eyes and one life, it's impossible to make everything alone.