Hello !

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Hello !

Postby ecpert » Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:02

Hi, my name is Eugenio and i live in southern Spain. I discovered euroswapper.com a few months ago. Read today about the new site, so i´ve just joined today on this .tk domain. I´ve been swapping in Spain for some time now, and I recently decided to start looking outside :-)

I´m interested in the circulating euros only (CIRC & UNC), and I collect them only when the design of the coins change, so not all of the years are of interest to me. I´m very interested in the CC ones. Since I joined this community i´ve successfully swapped some coins with a slovenian colleague, and I´m actively looking for more in the time to come. I recognize it is quite difficult to swap around here if you don´t have really "good stuff"... but i´ll keep on trying :-)

Anyway, many thanks to the admins for keeping this site up and running.
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Re: Hello !

Postby Munthunter » Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:36

Hi Eugenio,

Welcome on (the) board!


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