Hello from Ibiza, Spain

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Hello from Ibiza, Spain

Postby msah83 » Tue 17 Jul 2012, 14:18

Hello there,

I am software developer now in Spain.

I have interest into completing my first UNCIRCULATED coins from Spain and try to complete my UNCIRCULATED Banknotes. Quite difficult to find UNC 5 and 10 here. I already have 20, 50 and 100. Almost getting 200 the other day. Will one day, walk to the bank and hope for the best that the cashier has new bundle of 5 and 10, so i can change at least 2 pieces.

I have also developed http://www.exonumi.com as a site for anyone with coin, banknote and stamp to manage his/her private collection easily. May also choose to share some information with other user or only for owner's eye. Anyone is welcome to join and I have made a commitment that I shall update the website and improve it from time to time, suggestions are welcome. The registration is free and will forever stay that way.

Thank you.
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