Euro 2024 - München

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Euro 2024 - München

Postby pranger » Wed 24 Apr 2024, 12:56

Hello dear swappers,

I would like to have some information about transport, trains, buses ect.(München) in connection with the upcoming Euro 2024.
I am asking my German friends to contact me.


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Onkel Sam
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Re: Euro 2024 - München

Postby Onkel Sam » Sun 28 Apr 2024, 10:05

For public transportation in and around Munich.

For long distance trains in Germany (only 2nd class, not for ICE trains) [you can take train from Munich to Salzburg, Austria. Tour will take 2 hours]

In Germany we have DeutschlandTicket. It costs 50€ per month and you can nearly use every bus and train for travelling inside Munich or travelling to other cities.
Thank you very much to all my exchange partners. :respekt:

Please do not forget to give a good recommendation after every successful exchange. Thank you very much!