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by nige-irl
Wed 18 Jan 2012, 14:52
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For Ireland to Europe

up to 100g is €7.05
up to 250g is €7.85
up to 500g is €9.20
up to 1kg is €11.85
up to 2kg is €15.10

here's a link to the full rates list: ... ernational
by nige-irl
Tue 17 Jan 2012, 14:03
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Topic: I got my San Marino letter today
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I got my San Marino letter today

I got my letter from AASFN today about 2012. Other parts of interest to me are: They will be issuing the common €2 CC in March/April for €19 Divisional coin set for €31 Divisional coin set with €5 coin for €47 Divisional coin set proof for €106 I was starting to get worried that I wasn't getting a l...
by nige-irl
Thu 05 Jan 2012, 15:47
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Topic: Hello Again From Ireland
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Hello Again From Ireland

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say hello again from Ireland. I haven't been collecting coins recently as we've had no €2CC but am now trying to catch up on them since the EMU release :)

by nige-irl
Thu 05 Jan 2012, 15:40
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Topic: Ireland TYE
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Re: Ireland TYE

I picked up some today also. I am very happy that they have them as I was worried that i would have to traul through the local banks looking for them. unfortunately they have a 2 bag limit so people can only get 50 coins at a time.