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by BadVariemai
Sat 07 Aug 2021, 20:15
Forum: For sale
Topic: Malta Pandemic Coin 2021
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Re: Malta Pandemic Coin 2021

I asked them about the mintage of the box in Facebook and they told me 2250 pieces in box and 60.000 in coincards.
So I assume 10250 coins in rolls or somehow in circulation.
by BadVariemai
Sat 17 Jul 2021, 13:10
Forum: Swapcorner
Topic: out of curiosity
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Re: out of curiosity

You can see a list here.
Italy issued some rolls of both 2E CC in special paper. The normal rolls not yet available.
by BadVariemai
Sat 16 Jan 2021, 14:11
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: 2 euro San Marino - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
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Re: 2 euro San Marino - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008

This is not damaged... it's the way it manufactured... I suppose in order the coin stay stable inside and not spinning.
by BadVariemai
Sun 06 Dec 2020, 21:47
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: Sending to Lithuania
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Re: Sending to Lithuania

I had the same problem the previous years, so with my Lithuanian friend last and this year we used courier as DHL and problem solved.
It's a bit more expensive, but far more secure.
by BadVariemai
Tue 08 Oct 2019, 10:41
Forum: Information about swappers
Topic: Swapper mawmaw
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Re: Swapper mawmaw

I've made 1-2 transactions with Alessio in the past. Never had any problems.
It looks strange to me that he disappeared.
Hope he replies soon and the problem resolves.
By the way last time he was active is 2nd of October.
by BadVariemai
Mon 16 Sep 2019, 14:00
Forum: Chatroom
Topic: MTM - creditcard problems
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Re: MTM - creditcard problems

I used mastercard debit without problem. At first the authorization denied... and almost immediately a clerk from the bank called me and told me that the system blocked the transaction... after the call I tried again and success.
by BadVariemai
Fri 06 Sep 2019, 08:02
Forum: News
Topic: Monaco 2019
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Re: Monaco 2019

€ 2 commemorative coin evoking the bicentennial
of the advent of Prince Honoré V in 1819
September 12 at 2 pm
Put on sale of the box 2 € BE
Bicentennial advent of Prince Honoré V

(translated from French with google translate)
by BadVariemai
Wed 03 Apr 2019, 21:55
Forum: Questions & Answers
Topic: 2019 Euro & Cent coins produced for circulation
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Re: 2019 Euro & Cent coins produced for circulation

Greece will mint 1ct,2ct,5ct,10ct,20ct,50ct and the 2x2E CC.
20ct and 50ct I think it's already out
50ct 3.000.000
20ct 12.000.000
10ct 24.000.000
5ct 36.000.000
2ct 35.000.000
1ct 41.000.000
by BadVariemai
Sat 30 Mar 2019, 22:40
Forum: Wanted
Topic: To Friends from Greece
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Re: To Friends from Greece

hello Joel, the mintage of this coin is 1200 pieces (600 for dealers, 600 for collectors usually) and there is a limit 1 per person... only if the coin won't be sold out the first days we will be able to help you... as after about 15 days the limit is lifted. Of course at the moment we don't know is...
by BadVariemai
Wed 13 Feb 2019, 17:46
Forum: Swapcorner
Topic: LATEST NEWS concerning the French ASTERIX coin [MOVE TO NEWS SECTION]
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Re: LATEST NEWS concerning the French ASTERIX coin

Ok that's more clear now... thanks...