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by moedasdomundo2012
Mon 21 Jan 2019, 12:54
Forum: For sale
Topic: Rolls UNC
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Flag: Portugal

Re: Rolls UNC


Im interested in some of your UNC rolls.

But I don't understand the prices. Can you please help me.

For example, for this itens how much is it?


1 cent 1999
2 cents 1999
1 cent 2003
2 cents 2003


1 cent 2001

by moedasdomundo2012
Mon 21 Jan 2019, 12:51
Forum: Swapcorner
Topic: Portuguese Coins to Swap
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Portuguese Coins to Swap


Im Portuguese and I can get as many coins or rolls that you want.
I´m interested in swapping without expending more money besides the delivering costs.

If you are interested in UNC coins from Portugal please let me know.

I want euros from all over Europe.

by moedasdomundo2012
Mon 21 Jan 2019, 12:50
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: New at euroswapper
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New at euroswapper


Im a 38 years old Portuguese coins collector and I´m interested in grow my own collection with some swaps or acquisitions.

Hope to talk with you later.