Looking for 2 EUR CC.

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Looking for 2 EUR CC.

Postby vietnampenpal » Sun 07 Apr 2019, 07:49


I am looking for the following 2 EUR CC in UNC:

+ 2015:
Belgium : 2015 - European Year for Development
Finland : 150th Anniversary of the Birth of artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Luxembourg : 15th Anniversary of the accession to the throne of H.R.H. the Grand Duke
Luxembourg : 125th Anniversary of the House of Nassau-Weilburg
Malta : 100th Anniversary of First Flight from Malta
Portugal : 500th anniversary of the first contact with Timor
Slovakia : 200th Anniversary of the birth of Ludovít Stúr
Slovenia : 2000th Anniversary of the Founding of Emona - Ljubljana

>>> 2 Euro (30 Years of EU Flag): Austria - Belgium - Cyprus - Estonia - Finland - France - Greece - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherland - Portugal - Slovakia - Slovenia

+ 2016:
Austria : 200th Anniversary of the National Bank
Belgium : Child Focus
Belgium : Summer Olimpics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro
Finland : 90th anniversary of the death of the writer Eino Leino
Finland : 100th Anniversary of the birth of Georg Henrik von Wright
Greece : 150th anniversary of the Arkadi Monastery Torching
Greece : 120th anniversary of the birth of Dimitris Mitropoulos
Ireland : 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising
Italy : 550th Anniversary of the death of Donatello
Italy : 2200th Anniversary of the death of Titus Maccius Plautus
Lithuania : Dedicated to Baltic Culture
Luxembourg : 50 Years of Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge
Malta : The role of the Malta Community Chest Fund in Society : Solidarity through Love.
Portugal : The fifty years of 25th of April bridge
Slovakia : Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU
Slovenia : 25th Anniversary of Independence

+ 2017:
Belgium : 200 years of the University of Ghent
Belgium : 200 years of the University of Liège
Cyprus : Paphos 2017 - European Capital of Culture
Finland : 100 years of Independence
Finland : The Finnish Nature
France : 100th Anniversary of the Death of Auguste Rodin
France : 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, symbol of the fight against breast cancer
Greece : Archeological Site of Philippi
Greece : 60 Years of the Death of Nikos Kazantzakis
Italy : 400th Anniversary of the completion of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice
Italy : Bimillenary of the death of Titus Livius
Luxembourg : The 50th Anniversary of the Voluntariness of the Luxembourg Army
Luxembourg : 200th Anniversary of the Birth of William III
Malta : Malta's prehistoric monuments series: ?a?ar Qim Temples
Malta : The Role of the Malta Community Chest Fund in Society: The Peace
Netherlands : 50th Birthday of King Willem-Alexander
Portugal : 150 Years of Public Security
Portugal : 150 Years of the Birth of Writer Raul Brand?o
Slovakia : 550 Years of University Istropolitana
Slovenia : 10th Anniversary of the Euro in Slovenia
Spain : UNESCO World Heritage: Churches of the Kingdom of Asturias

+ 2018:
Belgium : 50th Anniversary of launched satellite ESRO - 2B
Belgium : The 50th Anniversary of May 1968 Events in Belgium
Finland : Finnish Sauna Culture
Finland : Finnish national landscape Koli
France : 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War (Bleuet de France)
France : Simone Veil
Greece : Kostis Palamas – 75 years in memoriam
Italy : 70th anniversary of the Constitution of the Italian Republic
Italy : 60th Anniversary of the Italian Ministry of Health
Luxembourg : 150th anniversary Constitution of Luxembourg
Luxembourg : The 175th anniversary of the death of the Grand Duke Guillaume Ist
Portugal : 250th Anniversary of the Botanical Garden of Ajuda
Portugal : 250th Anniversary of the Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda
Slovenia : World Day of Bees - 20th of May
Spain : 50th Birthday of King Felipe VI
Spain : UNESCO World Heritage: Old Town of Santiago de Compostela

I can offer French Indochina and Vietnam coins, some world coins, and Vietnam recent paper and plastic banknotes. Any contact is appreciated but I prefer swaps of 10 pcs or more as shipping registered required.

Kind regards.