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TOPIC CLOSED: Canadian 5 ct coins wanted!

Posted: Thu 24 Mar 2016, 14:10
by igaliko
I might have a weird request: Beside collecting coins I'm a nature guide in my spare time and among other guided tours I offer a tour 'On the tracks of the beaver'. Now, I came by accident across that the Canadian 5 ct coin shows a beaver. I have the idea to give to all my guests such a coin as a souvenir. But how to get a bigger amount of Canadian 5 ct coins? I looked at the Canadian Mint and their business partner in Europe, e.g. for Germany this is MDM - but they don't have them on stock. I sent requests directly to Canadian coin traders but was shocked by the atronomically high shipping costs (50-80 $ for a 1,5 kg parcel).
Maybe there is among the forum members someone who has some change left from the last Canada trip and among this is a considerable amount of 5 ct pieces? Or does anyone have another good idea how to get Canadian 5 ct coins?
Thank you very much & best regards,

Re: Canadian 5 ct coins wanted!

Posted: Sun 03 Apr 2016, 23:02
by Greco
Hi Martin .
How many pieces do you want ?
You are looking any piece or UNC .


Re: Canadian 5 ct coins wanted!

Posted: Mon 04 Apr 2016, 06:09
by igaliko
Topic closed, sufficient no. of coins received.