Rolls and coins 2€ CC Netherlands 2013 2-head

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Rolls and coins 2€ CC Netherlands 2013 2-head

Postby jbeckers » Wed 20 Mar 2013, 11:01


I have 2 Rolls(not blind) 2€ Netherlands 2-head for trade.
I have also gabs with 25 coins.

Further a lot of swapmaterial.

Looking for:
1 Oz Wiener Philharmoniker
5€ Austria 2002 Tiergarten Schoenbrunn in card with elephant
Germany 2€ GM 2006 ADFGJ Holstentor
Germany 2€ GM 2007 ADFGJ Mecklenburg
Germany 2€ GM 2008 ADFGJ Michel
Germany 2€ GM 2009 ADFGJ Saarland
Germany 2€ GM 2010 ADFGJ Bremen

Just send a pm what you have and want

Best regards