I am looking for CC 2019

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I am looking for CC 2019

Postby dampyr » Thu 11 Jul 2019, 07:10

Hi euroswappers!

I am after at least 3x of the following 2 euro cc 2019:

- Luxembourg Charlotte + Universal Suffrage (both coins)
- Irish Dail Eireann
- Belgian Pieter Bruegel (I can swap vs the second Belgian coin card)
- Slovakian Stefanik
- Portugal Magellan + Madeira and Porto Santo (both coins)
- Estonia Estonian Song Festival + University of Tartu (both coins)
- Lithuanian Surtartines + Samogitia (both coins)
- Latvia (both coins)
- Slovenia (Uni of Ljubljana)

I can swap back with The Italian cc 2019 (when out) and Greek cc 2019.

Please write me in PM.

Thanks everyone!

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Re: I am looking for CC 2019

Postby Xuxu » Thu 11 Jul 2019, 09:17

PM sent.