National Flags

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National Flags

Postby luit » Mon 11 May 2015, 10:49

As some of you already have seen, the national flags are back.
Upgrading to the most recent forumsoftware made this possible.
In normal threads you now see the flag together with the summary of the poster at the right of the topic.
On the index page at the bottum there is also a new section clled FLAGS, it shows the top ten flags that are used by our members.
Clicking in the text FLAGS brings you to a new page with all used flags.
On all places where you see flags, you can click on the flag to see all members that registered with that flag.

So to make this feature useable, please register with the flag of your country, you can easy fill it from the user profile screen.
There you can also fill in your real name, it will be displayed in PM, but not next to topics.


Onkel Sam
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Re: National Flags

Postby Onkel Sam » Thu 14 May 2015, 18:02

Dear Luit,

the list of flags shows only members who came from contries where the most user are from.
Could you arrange this?

Thank you very much.

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