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Good swapper list update

Posted: Sat 15 Mar 2014, 19:03
by VFR
Good evening
Does anyone know when is it planned an update of the list?
As I am new to this site, I have done several swaps with the friends of this forum.
However it is normal that if they cannot see any recommendations for me they are sceptical about me.
It would be very convenient if I could see my name in this list too

Many thanks and regards

Re: Good swapper list update

Posted: Sun 16 Mar 2014, 18:53
by mik64
dear all,
i agree with Vassilis
in any case you cannot find his name into the goodswapper list but he has reliable and good swapper partner!

Re: Good swapper list update

Posted: Fri 18 Apr 2014, 08:39
by Matus1999
Yes, can any moderator or admin update good swapper list ? Thank you.