Greetings €-Swappers

In this forum you can introduce yourself.
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Greetings €-Swappers

Postby A2ra3l » Fri 19 Jan 2018, 13:40

Nice to be here,

My name is Danny (28) from Vienna
(Austria / no kangaroo) :lol:
My son Tobias (5) and me get infected,
We start to gathering Euro coins before 2-3 months

At the beginning, I pay always with banknotes to get coins back *haha* but we was happy if we find some from other countries if they was not so dirty and damaged..

Short time Later, there was to much, doubles and more from few countries (at most neighbour's), and few coins from a lot there is more distance..

Next step was to buy a few 1c-2€ sets,
to collect Europe. It was nice, but only short..
We buy some with different years, but it is a little bit boring :/ expansive and always the same coins/country

So we concentrate to the 2€cc and start with circulation coins.. we are impressed how much different 2€ exist and would try to collect them all*
We know a lot of these coin we will never find in an market and so I was looking for some Unc. Coins and found schurl/Georg! BIG THANKS to him, he Sold us a lot oh he's doubles, THANK YOU!!! Also for showing me this side and get the chance to join this International Round!

*all would be nice but I know some are to expansive,
I'am working alone, my wife is in babytime
We have 2 kids (5+1)
(Bad time to get infected) :mrgreen:

So Guy''s i hope u under stand my half broken English,
I did not use it often, last time before 2 years playing am online game xD

I am looking for 2€cc UNC, to buy or Swap
I do sell if some need and can not Swap,
But swapper first ;))

To continue the 5€ finnland,
(need the president Serie start 2016)

And all other € stuff near nominal
(Some bring her money to the bank and get 0.5% p.a.)
I wanna have it at home an wanna look them 8-) :lol:

Best wishes,

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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby luisMG » Fri 19 Jan 2018, 15:22

Wellcome to the Forum!!
Best regards from Portugal,

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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby schurl » Fri 19 Jan 2018, 15:43

welcome to this site danny.
hope you find some swappers who can help you.
greetings georg

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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby jore » Fri 19 Jan 2018, 16:54

Hello from France and welcome on euroswapper

You will probably found here what you're looking for, with Georg you had a good friend who can show you the way ;)
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André Nogueira
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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby André Nogueira » Fri 19 Jan 2018, 20:53

Hi from Portugal,

Welcome to forum. Here you will find all you need to your eurocollection.


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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby thierry » Sun 21 Jan 2018, 10:38


welcome on board from belgium

if you need something let me known perhaps we can swap


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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby szmata » Sun 21 Jan 2018, 16:56


Nice to welcome on board from Paris :)

I have many 2 euro commemorative coins for swap from different countries

Maybe I can help


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Re: Greetings €-Swappers

Postby A2ra3l » Mon 22 Jan 2018, 21:31

Really cool this forum,
Connect so fast so much guys

Thank u all guys,
Great to know, I am not alone :))

About swapping,
I would really like but,
Right now will it be to expansive for me, swap only few coins, :/
But I am happy found one who can near double up my collection :))

Best regards


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