PRESALE Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

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PRESALE Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

Postby Greco » Tue 16 Jul 2013, 12:44

For sale PRESALE Crete Rolls at 65.00 Euro
For sale PRESALE Platon Rolls at 65.00 Euro All payments should be done a week before issuing date . Prices would change after issuing date
Coin cards at 8.00

Also Presale the first 5 euro coin that is issuing Greece Ethnic poet Kavafis coin at 8.00 Euro , coin card at 12.00

Coins Platon and Crete at 3.25 each

Payment paypal + 4.6% , Bank transfer .

Shipping is first roll 7.00 euros additional rolls 3.00 , oor 8 rolls for 16.00 euro . this are prices for eurozone

Good luck everyone to your searches

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Re: Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

Postby luit » Tue 16 Jul 2013, 21:15

Personally I don't like presales, but I will not forbid to offer presales.
But I think there should be some rules for it.
So I think coins should be available within 3 months, and seller should deliver coins, even when he cannot get them for the expected price.
In that case the seller should buy the necessary coins from a dealer and sell them with loss eventually.
It cannot be a game where a seller makes good profit when everything works as he expects and in case it works out differently the buyer does not get his coins, but only money back.
So the seller has to deliver, no matter what is the market price at the moment of issue!
Also specify the text "PRESALE" in the subject title.
If you not agree with these conditions, please don't offer presales.


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Re: PRESALE Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

Postby magneto » Wed 17 Jul 2013, 12:36

i agree with luit , only the coins availability period is long for my point of view, cause most presales is near the issue date , so 1 month is enough.
but for these specific coins the issue dated is unknown, until today the ministry of finance didn't sign the corresponding papers and the following 2 months (july, august) public sector working partly and is possible issue date will be after summer

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Re: PRESALE Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

Postby jbeckers » Thu 18 Jul 2013, 08:04

Hi Luit,

Maybe it is interesting that there is a issuedate known.

Best regards

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Re: PRESALE Greece 2013 Plato & Crete Roll

Postby joseeuro » Fri 19 Jul 2013, 14:13

Hello to all,

Pre-sales is good, i think.

But payment's only when coins is out, "in seller hand's".

Best Regards, josé
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