Best wishes

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Best wishes

Postby jore » Sun 01 Jan 2017, 10:40

To all of you, euroswapper members, I wish a happy new year, good collection and no more trouble on the world.

Best regards
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Onkel Sam
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Re: Best wishes

Postby Onkel Sam » Sun 01 Jan 2017, 11:09

Happy New year at all,

I wish you and your family from whole heart health, luck , success and a lot of beautiful coins for 2017.

My special thanks to:
- Luit and Robin for this great forum where I have found a lot of collector friends all around in Europe. (OK, Malta I am still missing)
- all my swappartners for successful swapping with you in 2016. I'm looking forward to exchanging with you again in 2017.

Best wishes,
Thank you very much to all my exchange partners. :respekt:

Please do not forget to give a good recommendation after every successful exchange. Thank you very much!

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Re: Best wishes

Postby szmata » Sun 01 Jan 2017, 22:49

Happy New Year and many swaps for everybody

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Re: Best wishes

Postby lvh » Mon 02 Jan 2017, 17:47

Happy New Year and many swaps to all.


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Re: Best wishes

Postby magneto » Tue 03 Jan 2017, 18:29

Happy New Year ! My Best Wishes